1. charlie llewellen palmer

    Dear Pillinger,
    Greatly enjoyed your website.
    I have a number – 12 or so good ones – of 10th hussars photos from 1903 – 1910 you may want to add to the site,
    My grandfather played in the polo team that won the inter-regimental seven times running 1904-1911.
    If you give me your email address I will forward them.
    Also press articles from the time about the regiment.
    I am writing a book for publication shortly about his service at the Battle of the Marne (with 9th lancers), which includes a short biography of the Grandfather.
    He was William “Pedlar” Llewellen Palmer, and his polo friends, , Billy Palmes, “Pic annesley” and “Giblet” Gibbs as well as others who were at the front at the time from the regiment in India, Col Vaughan, Crichton and others.
    Can I use the photo of three mounted men – the third last one on show on your site – the one of Lt William Llewellen Palmer with Col.Vaughan?
    I obviously will give credit to you in the book.


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